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Lara'sArtStudio Testimonials


Although I don't consider myself a watercolor beginner, I'm really glad I DID take Lara's course. Lara's approach is exceptionally helpful when it comes to mixing colors, applying watercolor in creative ways, and applying what you learn to create a painting. In addition to her knowledge and experience, Lara is great at creating a fun, supportive class environment for all the students.


I have a lot more confidence when it comes to working with watercolors and I'm looking forward to taking some of Lara's Intermediate watercolor classes

with appreciation, 

Well,I started painting about four years ago, I jumped in pretty fast and way above how I should of started! I guess you could say my pieces were pretty descent! 
Well Covid showed up and I didn’t have the drive or help that I needed to continue.
After searching high and low, I found Lara! I told her my dilemma and she came to the rescue!
We started from the beginning which I appreciated and enjoy my time and knowledge of watercolors with her! She is patient and fun to paint with! I am so looking forward  to learning all I can with her!
                          Thanks Lara    

                                    -Denise R. 

"As a deep dyed watercolor beginner I can enthusiastically report that Lara’s Beginning Watercolors class is an excellent stepping stone into the medium.  If you are like me — practically zero fine art skill, never even attempted drawing human hands, and terrified of making mistakes — you should take this class.  Lara’s effervescent personality, kind words of encouragement, and hybrid teaching style — a blend of hands on instruction and demonstration — will have you wondering why you didn’t try watercolors earlier.  If you enjoy the arts, slow Saturday mornings, or just trying new things, you really ought to sign up for this class, it's rad."


-Thomas M.

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