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                        Printmaking I - for Adults!​

                                       by Lara Hooper   @   Lara’ 

When:    Private Lesson dates upon request  

Time:  tbd- 4 hours instruction per session or $40.00 an hour

Location:  Lara's Studio- address shared with sign up

Class fee:  $160.00 Payment: ( by cash or VENMO) is due in full by the first day of class.


      This workshop is designed to give you the basic techniques required to start you in the wonderful world of printmaking! This friendly and open class is ideal for those who have never tried or have some knowledge in the medium. 

What you'll Learn:     How to Find an image (Google Linoleum block printing artwork for ideas), transferring image to block, carving block and printing. As you can see with the samples above of random artists(less or more advanced, the image is broken down into black shapes and lines and the area to be carved will be the white of the page after printing. The carvings are done from a Soft-Kut brand Lino block - Best brand and MUCH easier to cut for beginners than traditional linoleum blocks (more advanced type). Blue one - not a good type, crumbles. I will provide this block for you. The first class is printing in black ink only on white printing paper for a crisp black and white image.

                  - See my Lino block prints @ Lara’ 

Supplies you'll Need:

Note: Order on-line? Dick Art supplies link below for easier on-line ordering, I picked all the best brands and types of supplies for best results. 

References - printed out Ideas of what you want to transfer to a 4" x 6" Linoleum Block to carve and print with. Pictures, drawings, portraits of people or animals. Be sure to resize and print to enable transfer within the 4" x 6" Lino block size

        Google - Linoleum block print art. Etsy is good for ideas.

Supplies I'll provide:  

  - Inking Plate

  - Printing Paper

  - Transfer Paper

  - 1 Linoleum block(Soft-Kut brand-the best) (4" x 6") 

Art Supplies & Tools You Get:

  - Speedball Carving tool w/ blades - Linoleum Cutter Set, Handle with 5 cutters

  - Speedball Brayer or roller - to roll on ink to block

  - Print Ink - Speedball Water-Soluble Block Printing Ink - Black, 2.5 oz

       Misc. supplies

  - Paper Towels

  - Water containers

  - #2 Pencil or mechanical pencil for light lines

  - Black permanent sharpie marker - fine to medium tip

       or go in-person to:

                                 *   Micheal's Hobbies

                                 *.  Meininger's Art Supplies

                                 *. Guiry's Paint stores


                                  I’m excited to teach you Printmaking!!!! -  Lara

                      Questions? - email me at or text at 303-870-9833

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